GIS NTU Convention Center

GIS NTU Convention Center is the resemblance of Raphael’s masterpiece - “The School of Athens”, exemplifying the hallmark of the Italian Renaissance delivering the essence of art, philosophy, and science. Inspired by the spirit of this masterpiece, GIS NTU Convention Center strives to provide guests a platform for knowledge exchange and meaningful discussions.

Located within Taiwan’s most prestigious and comprehensive flagship university, the venue is highly accessible. GIS NTU features 10 small-mid scale meeting rooms spread across the same floor, offering convenience and versatility for meeting planning and configuration. Be assured that our professional and dedicated event team will deliver immaculate meeting services that will warrant your event an extraordinary experience.


    Gongguan Station, Exit 2
    Songshan-Xindian Line (Line 3):
    At the station exit 2, take the left turn to Roosevelt Rd. Here you will find the GIS NTU Convention Center on your left-hand side. (2 minutes walking)

  • BusBus

    MRT Gongguan Station (Roosevelt Rd.):254
    MRT Gongguan Station (Exclusive Bus Lane to Western District):0 South, 1, 109, 208, 208 Shuttle, 208 Express, 236, 251, 252, 253, 278, 284, 284 Express, 290, 52, 642, 643, 644, 648, 660, 671, 672, 673, 676, 74, 907, Jingmei-T.V.G.H Express, BR12, G11, G13, BL28
    MRT Gongguan Station (Exclusive Bus Lane to Xindian District):207, 278, 280, 280 Express, 284, 311, 505, 530, 606, 668, 675, 676, Songliang Main Line, Songjiang-Xinsheng Main Line, Dunhua Main Line, BL28
    Gongguan Station (Roosevelt Rd. & Keelung Rd. Intersection):671
    Gongguan Station (Keelung Rd.):1, 207, 254, 275, 650, 672, 673, 907, NS-Shuanghe
    Section 2, Ren'ai Rd Station:214, 248, 606
    XinYi-HangZhou Intersection Station (to Taipei 101):0 East, 20, 22, 204, 670, 671, XinYi Main Line, XinYi New Main Line, 1503

  • CarCar

    Located on Roosevelt Rd., across from Gongguan ShuiYuan Market, near Roosevelt & Keelung Rd. Intersection
    National Highway 1:Exit at Yuanshan IC, and head south on Jianguo Elevated Rd. Take the exit at Heping Rd, and continue Xinhai Rd. Take the right turn onto Keelung Rd, and turn right again onto Roosevelt Rd to drive into the indoor car park at 2nd Student Activity Center.
    National Highway 3:From National Highway 3A, exit at Xinhai Rd. Head to Keelung Rd, and turn right onto Roosevelt Rd to drive into 2nd Student Activity Center Car Park.